Big Sleep synopsis

Marlowe grabs a gun from his car and ducks behind the fender. He watches Canino come out of the house, using Vivian as a shield. Suddenly Vivian calls out: "There! There behind the wheel!" Canino fires shots through the windshield, then Marlowe steps out and fires back, killing Canino instantly.

Marlowe and Vivian escape in the car. "I'm not even going to ask you how you got into this mess," he says to her. "I'm going to ask Eddie Mars if I can get there quick enough."

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Marlowe drives to the house Geiger lived in and immediately phones Mars, who agrees to meet with him.
"I'm scared, Angel," Marlowe admits. "Mars has been ahead of me all along, way ahead. If I don't get the jump on him now, my goose is cooked."


To Have and Have Not ~ Dark Passage ~ Key Largo

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