Conway struggles blindly through blizzards and innumerable mountains and valleys, finally staggering only half alive into a small village.

In a London club, Conway's friends hear the incredible story of his determination to return to the Valley of the Blue Moon from the man who attempted to bring Conway back to England.

found aliveConway's memory loss

"He regained his memory and told a fantastic story of a mysterious place in Tibet. He learned how to fly, stole a plane, got caught, thrown in jail, escaped. He begged, cajoled and fought, always pushing toward the Tibetan frontier. Natives called him 'the man who was not human'. They'll never forget the devil-eyed stranger who six times tried to go over the mountain pass that no other human being dared travel, and six times was forced back by severest storms. Finally, he disappeared over that very mountain pass. And that, gentlemen, was the last that any known human being saw of Robert Conway."

The men drink a toast, "in hope that Robert Conway will find his Shangri-La - in hope that we all will find our Shangri-La."



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